I like to keep things simple but I recognize that different images can look their best on different paper styles and textures. So I use 3 PAPER TYPES and have allocated one of them to each image. These are GLOSS METALLIC PEARLE - a shiny surface where the whites are a little silvery and the effect is stunning - this is my default paper, so great is it. MATTE TEXTURED is a classic heavy watercolour-type paper which is used on most of my painting-effect images, and SEMI-GLOSS CANVAS is used on chosen images where it fits best.


Continuing the simplicity theme I offer ONE SIZE of print which is 425mm on the SHORT SIDE and the long side, which varies on the panoramic images but a standard 2:3 frame horizontal will be 638 x 425mm and 425 x 638 vertical.

Not big enough for you? Just email me personally with a preferred size and we'll talk about prices

 - big, big sizes are available.


Having ONE SIZE allows me to have just ONE PRICE which is AU$225.00 including POSTAGE in tube AUSTRALIA-WIDE.


NB: to see the image number and location hover the mouse over the thumbnail.


* make your choice from a gallery noting the IMAGE NUMBER

* click on the cart icon and fill in the SIMPLE FORM

* click SUBMIT and go to the custom PAYPAL site

* choose to pay by CARD or PAYPAL and proceed

* I receive an email of all the details and payment confirmation

* If I am not away filming, you can expect your print around 7 days