‚ÄčI have been photographing professionally since 1983.The first 18 years, in  film-only times, I ran a multi-task studio which had an even spread of wedding, industrial, advertising and people photography using cameras from 35mm to 5x4 inch. I processed the film and hand printed the substantial amount of B&W demand in my own darkroom but everything colour was sent out. It was a hectic interesting couple of decades as there were few types of images I was not asked to produce and hours were long. When the wedding count reached 600+ I found myself in need of a healthy change and in late 2000 Givenworks Publishing was born. I became a landscape-only photographic artist, author  and publisher, necessarily embracing the digital age and learning the computer skills of typesetting, CMYK pre-press, image editing and manipulation. My concentration on the panoramic  had begun years earlier with the use of a 6x17 film camera for 12 years and then progressing to the merging of digital images. For the next 16 years, wall-art, posters, postcards, greeting cards, calendars and books took all my time; now I am finally able to concentrate on more creative fine-art and the development of numerous niche websites to show and sell my images and to develop the use of the photograph as a base tool rather than the entire finished image. Although I have shot in 26 countries, the images in my public collection are all from southern Australia and Southland NZ which to me is a photographers' paradise.To date I am a 6-time published author and Getty contributing artist; I have taught Photoshop  and photography and had a stint teaching Diploma of Photography in a Victorian TAFE college.