Photographer Mal Austin...Givenworks Publishing...Australian and New Zealand Panoramics

PRINTS I print all orders myself, there is no stock, this allows me to offer copies of thousands of prints. Your print is created using the finest Epson machines and ink, ensuring at least 70 years life as long as they are not exposed to direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting. The default quality is the highest obtainable which is greater in colour range and sharpness than conventional photographic papers created in a laboratory can obtain. PAPERS For most photographic images I love the style of what is known as a "metallic pearle" paper. It has a high gloss surface and the whites are pearlescent rather than plain white. Best of all when caught correctly in the light it has a superb glowing effect which adds real bite and luminosity to the colours; a high impact paper! For some subjects - especially my exclusive digital watercolour paintings, a "watercolour" matte paper is used. It is completely flat but has a noticeable texture causing viewers to stare and wonder what this image is! Most of my work is also available in a medium gloss canvas but canvas sizes are restricted and you need to ensure you select this option. THE CART Rather than long shopping carts, I use a small form on one page. All you have to do is take notice of the order number attached to each image in the galleries and when you have chosen the image fill this out in the first line of the form; choose your size and submit. You will proceed immediately to the secure Paypal site where you then choose to pay via credit card or Paypal - you do not need to be a member of Paypal to use its services. FRAMES, MOUNTING, POSTAGE, PACKAGING, DELIVERY TIMES I do not offer framed or mounted prints because there are too many to choose from, freight becomes problematic with size and glass and I am a photographer not a framer. Frames can really make or break the overall image-effects and should be chosen according to your tastes and the style of the intended surroundings. ALL POSTAGE IS FREE WITHIN AUSTRALIA. Your order will come in a tube; the print will be carefully rolled in plastic protection and should be removed from the tube asp and allowed to sit on a flat surface to uncurl. Canvas is also rolled and has a 40mm blank border to give you a choice of border in the stretching process. Orders are usually posted well within the week BUT as I am the sole printer for quality control purposes, there are times when I am away shooting so times can be longer. RETURNS/REFUNDS The quality of web images is at the lowest end so all prints will be better than seen on my sites however the images may be different if you have your monitor's brightness, contrast and colour saturation incorrectly set according to accepted industry standards. There is a great article and checking process . No refunds will be given for this subjective area. If your print is damaged in any way due to postal mishandling it is an issue which must be pursued with Australia Post not Givenworks. here