Photographer Mal Austin...Givenworks Publishing...Australian and New Zealand Panoramics

MAL AUSTIN has been a professional photographer since 1982. From then until 2000, in the days of film only, he ran a suburban studio which divided its clients between wedding, portrait and commercial-industrial. He photographed over 600 weddings, many hundreds of portraits and commercial assignments during this successful period. After about 10 years he acquired a battered old specialist 6x17 film panoramic camera which he began taking with him on trips to the country amassing a collection of 2000 landscape transparencies on a leisure basis. Mal is self taught; he has teaching qualifications but like many, gained his knowledge, failures and success through experience and copious hours of reading, experimenting and dark-room time. His base learning was achieved in the filming of his hobby of working steam railways until photography itself took greater priority. In 2000 he sold the studio looking for new work away from the stresses of people photography, renamed his company Givenworks and began using his panoramic camera more seriously beginning a totally landscape-only pathway which continues on. This required massive learning curves of becoming computer literate, changing over to digital, though not completely, when it was judged to be better than most film, and learning the CMYK printing press and typesetting crafts in order to become fully self-sufficient in the production of printed material in the form of books, calendars, cards, posters etc. in the years hence. Currently he concentrates solely on fine-art landscape image sales via the internet and being a Getty contributor. He designs and hosts his own sites. Although a specialist in his first-love of panoramic images he is developing more into the manipulated and abstract areas with landscape as its base. He regularly travels in South Eastern states and to his beloved NZ Southland. Although this is the only site where his work is available at the moment, Mal is working on another 25 sites he owns all with their own speciality and unique images and these will be linked to this site in future. HIGHLIGHTS * 6 time published author with 2 publishers and self-published, found on the Simon&Schuster authors' website. * Getty contributor. * Typesetter and complete pre-press producer. * Photoshop and general camera course teacher, ex-TAFE teacher in Dip. of Photography. * Sales of products throughout Australia and limited outlets in USA, UK and NZ. * Has photographed in 26 countries. * Proficient in Photoshop, InDesign and Muse. INFORMATION